Strawberry Perfumed Beauty Soap Box-Packed CLEACE

Strawberry Perfumed Beauty Soap Box-Packed CLEACE

We have our own factory in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. Among various trading companies, we are your best choice and the absolutely trustworthy business partner.

Supply Ability: 30,000 tons per Year
Port: Nanjing
Perfume Strawberry/Apple/Lemon/Olive/Coconut
TFM >65%
Soap Color Red/Yellow/Green/White & Customized colors
Soap Shape Oval, box-packed
Soap Logo CLEACE embossed
Certificates ISO9001, ISO14001
Main Features

1.Moisturizing soap, Restore skin's natural oil balance;

2.Lasting pleasant scent & refreshing smell;

3.Superior quality, Competitive price;

4.Attractive packaging with colorful fruit

MOQ 1 container, at least 100 ctns per specification and scent, mixed container accepted
Packing Details
Item No. Spec.(g/pc) Package
Loading 20ft(ctn)
CBS75CLB 75 72 2900
CBS90CLB 90 72 2400
CBS110CLB 110 72 2000
CBS125CLB 125 72 1750
CBS150CLB 150 72 1500

Product Names:  bath soap, toilet soap, beauty soap

CLEACE Colorful Fruit Soap Bar:

CLEACE Strawberry Perfumed Soap Bar provides a barrier of long-lasting protection for the whole family.

Soap Bar Ingredients:

sodium palmitate, sodium palm kernelate, palm stearin, coconut oil, aqua, parfum, citric acid, TCC, PEG-12, HEDP.4Na, EDTA.2Na, BHT, corn starch, glycerin

Packaging Method: box-packed

Expiry Date:  2 years

All our soaps are vegetable oil based. There are no animal fats in our soaps, which are vegan. Only high-quality oils are used. We only use essential oils for fragrance, not synthetic oils. All the glycerin is retained. The soaps not only smell good, but also lather easily and moisturize the skin.

We are a soap manufacturer. We provide soap bar wholesale and OEM services. If you are interested in our soap products, such as price, packaging, transportation, etc., you can directly consult us online.